06 outubro, 2010

First Post

the reasons i'm doing it are:
- this will give me grade on my english class
- i think i may enjoy actually
so, this is my first post and than i'm thinking about say all the revelant things that already happened to me and things that defines me... belive me, that is not so much...
- when i was a little girl i broke my leg
- i started doing english class when i was seven years old

- i'm 13 years old and when i was 11 or 12 i become pop on my school
(and that proved that the world is really futile, because that was when i had i make over)
- i hate physical education
- i used to be a really romantic girl
(i used to like guys on the first saw, no good can come of taht)
- my first kiss was with a guy that lives at the same building that i do
(it was terrible, all the bad things that can happen on a kiss... happened)

- that was at february... some months after that... on may 14... i met a guy online
(he lives in other city, the same that my whole family lives)

- i felt in love, really fast... and he said that he did to
- on may 18 he asked me to be his girlfriend
- i said yes, because, as i said, i was a really romantic girl
- we started to fight a lot
(on the valentine's day i broke up with him)
- on the july's vacation i went out with him
(it was completely perfect) but...
- i found out that he was dating again his ex
(i cry for a lot of months)

- after the vacation i go to another school
- let me see.. my best friend has 16 years old... i met her when i was
a little girl, we used to do jazz together... she is at the same school
that i'm now... she is perfect, i call her of big vaca -don't know why
- my other best friend is rafael, he is perfect too, he is 13 years old
and he is on the school that i was before the vacation, i meet him 3 years ago

- the new school is great, the people are great... i just loved it
- on a september's weekend i went out with my sister
- on the mall i met this very handsome guy
(his hight = 1,86.. mine? 1,50)
- i started to talk to him... he is not really cool
(but he is soooo hot omg)

wath is going on in my life rigth now?
i don't know if i should choose my friend or the really hot guy
my friend is not that hot, but his personality is just perfect...
my friend is 16 years old, the really hot guy 15
and they both say that they love me...
of course, i have a lot of guys that want to make out with me
but, come on, i hate sluts!

ps: my friend is also the best friend of my ex ''brother in law''
he wasn't really my brother in law, because he was just the best friend
of my ex -the one who lives in another city- (they are not friends anymore)
this brother in law is really close to me and jealous of me, so,
he dosen't like the hot guy of the mall and he wants me to stay with his best friend...
conclusion: i'm in trouble!

ps:² my english teacher give me a really good  advice, she saids that, in the end, what
really metters is who the person is inside... so, i guess the best option is my friend...
but, i not sure at all

i have to do my homework... so xoxo, gossip girl -haha
xoxo G.N.